Top 10 interesting things should not be missed in Saigon

Strolling leisurely around the city, tasting different kind of street foods, sipping a cup of coffee by the pavement in the early morning or simply taking some pictures in the city unique architectural complex are things you should not miss when you have chance to visit this haughty city. 

1. Street foods.

Saigon is vibrant and bustling city where you are able to find many areas for street foods. They are not only diversified in terms of prices, taste and recipe, but they are also very satisfying. In the list, you should not miss bread, crab noodles, grilled seafood or rice pancake.

2. Drinking coffee by the sidewalk in the early morning.

While most people like walking around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi in the morning for fresh air, in Saigon, you should try a coffee by sidewalk to experience its bustling atmosphere. Sipping a cup of coffee, hearing people chatting about their daily life, reading newspaper, glazing bustling flow of people transporting on roads or chatting with friends are all interesting things to do of an early morning in Saigon. There are some addresses you should try:

3. Capture beautiful pictures

You should try to keep some angle shots of wherever you’ve been. In Saigon, there are many beautiful views that you can choose. If you are architectural lovers, you can go to Paris Square area where Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office and Reunification Palace are located. If you love the natural colours, especially green, you can travel to wipe fields (District 7), Lake Ice (Thu Duc district) or the romantic canals on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard. And of course, you cannot bypass pictures of the smiling faces of Saigon.

4. Sitting and chatting coffee

30/4 park is an ideal place for “sitting coffee” which means sitting on paper provided by the vendors at a space wherever you like and drinking coffee.  Not only chatting comfortable with friends you can also join group of artist playing guitar, drum or mandolin. Fresh and cool air created by rows of ancient trees and complex of unique architecture have built this place as an ideal choice if you have an opportunity to visit this prosperous town.

5. Roam about Saigon streets.

Roam about streets is also unique pleasure when you have chance to visit this city. In additional to understand the locals’ lifestyle, to discover new things, you can weave into alleys to see Saigon’s back yard or its other perspective. Tran Hung Dao road is where you will the contrast between old, rundown apartment and luxury buildings. Or strolling through Nguyen Trai by night, you will see the excitement mixed by fashion shops and food stalls. It creates a different vibrant lifestyle.

6. Stroll around Commercial and trading centres

You can by anything from Saigon. Vincom, Parkson, Diamond plaza or zen Plaza… are among the luxury shopping centres while you can find many affordable clothes and shoes in Saigon Squares.

7. Walk along the shady streets

Saigon has no 4 seasons as it is in Hanoi but only two seasons, rain or shine, but not as so Saigon lacks appearance of the four seasons. If you come here during Fall, you can feel the charm of tamarind leaves falling on the roads as Le Quy Don, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Tran Duc Thao or Ba Huyen Thanh Quan. The poetic image made up the song “ con duong la me” or “road of tamarind leaves” with tender and chant lyrics. In December, it is cool enough for you to wear a sweater, scarf and walk around town romantically.

8. Saigon specialties

Saigon hardly has its own specialties but it is a hub of the products from all regions. You can purchase “Durian cake” from Soc Trang to serve with tasty and fragrant tea from the North. Grounded coffee, lotus teas from Dong Thap are also choice of many tourists.

9. Visiting French architecture style buildings

These buildings are always symbols of the city and they will impress you when you have chance to admire them. Notre Dame Cathedral City Opera House, Saigon Central Post Office, headquarters of the city, Nha Rong Port or Vietnam History Museum…are places you should give a stop. Here you will find the unique meticulous and sharp through every little detail.

10. Saigon nightlife

When the sun goes down, the air cool down and it’s the time for Saigon nightlife. Life is less stuffy but wearing bustling shadow of stream of people on streets and in coffee shops. Especially, it is totally another Saigon when you walk around Ben Thanh night market, Le thi Rieng park or Foreign street Bui Vien. There you will see a picture in stark contrast Saigon. Saigon life is sometimes more nightlife than day-life. Therefore, you should not forget to explore this exciting corner of Saigon.