Flower Cycling Tour

Duration: the tour will take around 3-4 hours

Itinerary of the Cycling Tour

Welcome clients at The Travelo Hanoi Bicycle Collective (TLV)
A pleasant bicycle shop with the view of local life, and which is right on the side of West Lake with a beautiful view.

1st stop: Nhat Tan peach blossom garden
The best time of year to visit this garden is spring, when the flowers are in full bloom. Bring your camera and enjoy the gorgeous display of colour.

2nd stop: Ve market
Pop down a bustling market, spend some time with our tour guide discovering the local life while sipping green tea and having some local cakes.

3rd stop: Chem communal house
Be impressed by the beautiful scenery of the Red river shore, visit the Chem communal house and learn more about the history and traditional rites and customs for when you visit any temples/pagoda in Vietnam or other Asian countries.

4th stop: Flower village
Be immersed in the natural beauty of flower fields in Tay Tuu, one of the most beautiful flower villages in Hanoi.

5th stop: Cumquat garden
Have a look at the local cumquat garden and learn more about several types of New Year trees in Vietnam.

6th stop: Have lunch at a local shop

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